About us

EXPAT-EXPRESS is a relocation agency that helps people move geographically and professionally.

The agency is based in Bordeaux and helps anyone planning to settle in Bordeaux, the metropolis of Bordeaux, Gironde department or Aquitaine region.

You may be an employee being transferred or newly hired, a business integrating new staff, a family settling in Bordeaux, an expatriate from Europe or another continent, a repatriate returning to France after an experience abroad, a French or foreign researcher joining a research team in Bordeaux, a French or international student enrolling at a University or a school of higher education in Bordeaux, retired or in a family wishing to settle in Bordeaux, the Bordelais vineyards, Arcachon Bay, on the Atlantic Ocean or in any other location of your choice in the Aquitaine region.

Whatever your circumstances, EXPAT-EXPRESS will take care of the entire process to ensure that you and perhaps your family seamlessly integrate professionally and socially into your new surroundings.

After taking your requirements and personal preferences into account, EXPAT-EXPRESS will organize a day to discover Bordeaux or its surrounding areas, and point out the key spots in your forthcoming environment. We will handle and coordinate the move, find the accommodation and be by your side whilst you settle in. We will carry out all the necessary steps to find schooling and enroll your children and we will assist you in all administrative processes. We will also help you and your family to integrate culturally, socially, professionally and assist you in joining sports facilities. After all the stages of settling, EXPAT-EXPRESS will continue to offer day to day guidance, maintaining close contact and establishing a long-lasting relationship of support. We will also handle all the procedures involved in arranging your departure or return, if you’re only in Bordeaux for a fixed period of time.

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